Are you staring at empty white walls right now? Do you have the soul of an art collector but the bank account of a liberal arts major? Has anyone ever called you a commitment-phobe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe what you need is a trip to the MALL. No, not the lowercase mall with that irresistible/repellant Forever 21 store. We’re talking about the Minneapolis Art Lending Library, where you can check out a piece of original art—a photograph, a sculpture, a painting, a drawing—for a couple of months. That’s right, free art. Borrow from the collection of about 60 works today and return on March 11 or 14. Then you can do it all over again on the next borrow date of March 18. 5 PM-8 PM. Free. —Heidi Raschke

American Swedish Institute, 2600 Park Ave, MPLS;