We stick with what we previously wrote: There’s still a considerable amount of nostalgia for the old Let It Be Records, the world class vinyl shop and sometimes small performance space downtown in MPLS that’s now, somewhat appropriate to downtown, a Target Corporate lounge. For both record lovers and Let It Be fans, starting Friday night with a big ol’ party findfurnish in Northeast will be dedicating the entirety of one of its room to vinyl. They’ll have around 4,000 albums on hand, as well as access to 65,000 other albums online, many of which came from that original Let It Be. (Some of that online inventory also comes from Riffs Ahoy and Omnium Vinyl, as well, which is cool.) To keep the Let It Be influence going, the new logo for It Records is essentially the identifiable Let It Be logo, but minus the Let and Be. Friday, 6-10 PM. Free. —Ethan J. Bank

findfurnish, 13 5th St NE, MPLS; findfurnish.com