Felicitous, joyous, deliriously beautiful—and that’s just the drinks. Only kidding, of course, that’s totally about the band. I like you makes every situation better. Waking up? Turn it up. Dentist? Why is this not in waiting rooms everywhere? Hour 23 of driving across the country? Feels like a movie montage or a really great McDonald’s commercial!

Horns, strings, tiny little guitars, and gorgeously full vocals from Wendy O’Sunshyne. The gypsy jazz/singer-songwriter vibe will bring boat loads of happiness into your life, just be careful you don’t wander out of the house barefoot and singing. If you did, though, i like you would still definitely like you. Eclectic is their thing. Try “That’s What We Do” for an anthem and introduction if you’re still unconvinced. Memorize the words. Sing along tonight at Cause. Add some reggae from Irie Sol. And never go home. 9 p.m. Free. –LB

Cause Spirits and Sound Bar, 3001 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls, 612-822-6000, spiritsandsound.com