You don’t have to be an older music fan to appreciate the old-time musical stylings of singer-songwriter John Hiatt, who performs tonight at the Guthrie Theater with his backing band The Combo. Hiatt’s storied career of writing tunes ranging from new wave to country may be most recognizable not by his own versions, but those done by others. Huge-name pop stars, running the gamut from Bob Dylan to Mandy Moore, have looked to Hiatt’s music to cover. And after more than 30 years in the music biz, the 59-year-old Hiatt was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2008. Hiatt makes his way to Minneapolis in the wake of releasing his 20th studio album, Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns, and his performance is part of the Live at the Guthrie series. Tickets run between $40 and $42. 812 S. 2nd St., Mpls., 612-337-2224. For more information, visit The Guthrie’s website.