Today is the big kickoff for the Guerrilla Girls Takeover that we’ve been getting so excited about! Hopefully you’ve been getting excited about it, too! To help with all the excitement, we’ve got our own S(h)ecrets mini-takeover going: A noted national illustrator and local art scene stand-out will be providing her picks and perspective on GGT events that you should check out, including tonight’s Looking Forward, Stepping Back and Minnesota Mean shows at MCAD: 

I’m biased on this one since I work there and installed it, but I’m really into this show. Especially the Minnesota Mean student show: I’m an big fan of how personal and deep the works are. Students really asked critical and difficult questions of themselves regarding politics, gender, and more. Works in the show vary from zines, installations, performances, photography, videos and so forth.

Bonus material: when the GGs were talking about this show for the NYT, they mentioned that they were challenged by MCAD students as it reminded them that learning can go both ways; meaning they also learned a lot from the students at MCAD which is great. This is huge to me because feminism can have such big generational gaps/creating alienation. Students brought topics such as transgender issues, GLBTQ issues, gender in existing systems of language, and more, into the bigger feminist conversation with the GGs.

The reception is followed by a performance by GRRRRL Party in the MCAD Main Gallery which is looking like it will be a great event. Kudos to Gallery Director Kerry Morgan for organizing everything. 5-10 PM. Free. —Lillian Bassman

MCAD, 2501 Stevens Ave S, MPLS,

Be sure to check out the Guerrilla Girls Takeover page to see all the other kickoff events that are happening tonight and through the weekend.