Since this is Twincy: FilmTown™, if you’re going to have an ongoing festival like Winter Carnival, you of course throw in film. Thankfully the Frozen Film Festival’s independent movies mix in some really interesting viewing like Hmong Pioneers: Honoring the First Wave from the St. Paul Neighborhood Network (Saturday, noon, Landmark Center) and the intense Hate Crime (Friday, 5:30 PM, TPT), about along with a documentary on the Winter Carnival itself. We’re also excited about some of the entries in a good-looking group of documentary shorts. So overall, find time for a film amid your St. Easy winter fun activities, whatever they may be. Friday, Saturday, multiple showtimes.Curt Stanski

Twin Cities PBS-Street Space, 172 4th St E, STPL;
The Landmark Center, 75 5th St W, STPL;