The Happiness Playlist is the latest book from Think Piece—a local publisher that creates space for literature about mental health, often unearthing the stories that lurk in communities and narratives where we wouldn’t expect to find them. And you likely wouldn’t expect to find those stories with outgoing MPLS rocker Mark Mallman, but the marathon man’s book chronicles recovery from a nervous breakdown, a journey that is accelerated by creating and replaying a soundtrack of uplifting songs (think Pharrell’s Happy). Far from sad and sappy, Mallman makes a vulnerable narrator, and the book reads much like a touching story told to a friend. To celebrate the Happiness release, Mallman gathered 26 Bats! and Gabe Barnett and them Rounders for a party at 7th Street Entry that feels just as much like a book launch, as it is an affirmation of Mallman’s recovery. Friday, March 22nd, 8 PM, $14.Isabelle Wattenberg

7th St. Entry at First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N, MPLS;