Dengue Fever’s throwback Cambodian pop and psychedelic rock is some of the catchiest music you’re going to hear anywhere, and not only will the international band be playing an incredible live show at the Ordway on Saturday, they’ll also be discussing in person the documentary Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll after the film’s screening at the Capri Theater on Friday. A highlight of last year’s Sound Unseen festival, the doc showcases the rock music of Cambodia’s swinging ’60s through interviews with surviving musicians and never-before-seen archival material and rare songs. The picture also tracks the rise of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime which culturally cleansed the vibrant music scene that is thankfully today being revived and celebrated by bands like Dengue Fever. The film screening and live show will make for a wonderful weekend for music and music movie fans. Friday, 6-9 PM. Free. Saturday, 7:30 PM. $27. —Curt Stanski

Capri Theater, 2027 Broadway Ave, MPLS;