It’s Carl Sagan in his greatest role to date: host of the 13-hour astronomy series first aired on PBS. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll contemplate the origins of life with the late, great Dr. Sagan. Growing up in Brooklyn, Sagan had to trek to the Museum of Natural History to see the stars. What he saw stuck with him and he made a career out of questioning everything we know about space.

He did things like challenge prevailing thoughts on the seasonal changes of Mars, advocate for research into extraterrestrial life, and link global warming to man-made causes. His greatest contribution, though, is bringing science to the masses. Emmy and Peabody-award winning, Cosmos has remained a classic since its 1980 debut. Get caught up in wonder and curiosity and that whole expanding universe thing. Just don’t take it too seriously or you’ll end up like Alvy Singer of Annie Hall, unable to do your schoolwork and overcome with ennui. 10 p.m. Free. –LB

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