The Twin Cities is a long way from Nashville, but on certain nights, it’s hard to tell the distance. Secrets readers will know, we’ve got more Americana, classic country, roots and blues, and gospel-folk groups than we know what to do with. But Monday nights are easy. The Cactus Blossoms at the Turf Club. The brothers behind that beautiful name sing just as sweetly. Harmonizing to country waltzes comes natural to these two. With titles such as, “Lonesome and Blue,” “A Sad Day To Be You,” and “Blue Railroad Train,” The Cactus Blossoms offers world-weary hearts a home.

Lucky for us, Turf Club offers The Cactus Blossoms a home every Monday night. It’s hard to find classic country music that stays fresh while satisfying our insatiable craving for that authentic, old earnest sound. We did it. Well, they did, we just wrote about it. 9 p.m. $5. —LB

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave. W., St. Paul, 651-647-0486,