While nothing this week will match the excitement of the Replacements on Saturday, the Buzzcocks playing the Varsity Theater tonight is a pretty good warmup for the main event on Saturday. The Buzzcocks may not be a hometown band, but the punk-rockers have had a pretty impressive career dating back to the late 70s (which is about the same time the Replacements got started). We’re not trying to compare the two, the Replacements are hometown rockers and the Buzzcocks are British rockers who helped build the punk rock scene in Boston, but there are similarities in the way both are revered by hometown fans. In that sense, this show is a solid consolation prize if you didn’t snag Replacements tickets, or a pretty good warmup if you did. 8 p.m. $22-$35. —Eric D. Johnson

Varsity Theater, 1308 SE 4th St., Mpls., varsitytheater.com