Two the best metal albums of 2016 have already been released, and by bands that happen to be making a tour stop together tonight at the Triple Rock. In the short decade that three-piece BLACK TUSK have been making swamp metal out of Savannah, GA, they’ve become the poster children for the contemporary wave of incredibly heavy, incredibly energetic music, and even more so with their newest release Pillars of Ash (an album that also comes a ferocious response to the death of bass player Jonathan Athon). On the faster—fastest?—end of the metal spectrum, Holy Grail also put out a fantastic record already this year with Times of Pride and Peril. A supergroup of sorts, the thrashers put on a breathtaking live show with the shredding riffs and licks that have won them such a loyal following of speed freaks young and old. Our own Nightosaur and their throwback stoner metal monster chops and fantasy tilt (“Set Fire to the Mountain”! “Warrior Bride”! “Thunder Wizard!”) open the show. 8 PM. $12 door.Paul Cajun

Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Ave S, MPLS;