After such a gorgeous biking day and a beautiful biking day today, the rustier (read: less wintry) riders amongst us are probably pondering tune-ups and new fashionable-yet-functional road gear. And that mean it’s the season for the old Twincy bikes-cars struggle will be rearing its familiar head as we all “share the road”. In fact, the only common ground bikers and many cyclists might have would be potholes in most parts of our cities. The Minnehaha-Hiawatha corridor in particular has been the site of tons of road and cyclist improvements (not to mention old crosstown standbys 26th and 28th), which makes it the perfect neighborhood for Take-Up Productions to screen Fredrik Gertten’s documentary Bikes vs. Cars. The film follows cyclists in Sao Paolo and LA as they burn fat, not fuel, and serves as a timely guide for Minneapolis’ own biking developments. 7 & 9 PM. $8.Curt Stanski

Trylon Microcinema, 3258 Minnehaha Ave, MPLS;