Local group Big Villain is connected to Dr. Dre by a degree of three. We’re still working on Kevin Bacon. Described as Drake, John Legend, and Miles Davis all meeting in Motown, Villain roams from hip-hop to jazz and the genres between. For our money, the duo is like an R&B Hepcat, blending groovy melodies and lady-loving lyrics. Villain’s performances always get people feeling good, and the new record doesn’t fall short. Adding texture to their smooth sound, the album’s many collaborations bring us back to Dre.

The flute player from Anchorman who is also the flute player on tracks from The Chronic, now adds flute player on Big Villain’s new record to his CV. Vocalist Judith Hill, who performed with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, also makes an appearance. Proud to see a Twin Cities duo making its way to the big leagues, we’re also psyched to watch the local hip-hop scene expand a bit. Fans can buy the new album for half price tonight only at Amsterdam. 9 p.m. $10. –LB

Amsterdam Bar & Hall, 6 W. 6th St., St. Paul, 651-222-3990, amsterdambarandhall.com