Before everyone got excited about our “New North” branding and embrace of wintery-fun lifestyles—like us—a bunch of artists trekked out on to a lake and build a bunch of funky, artsy ice house-style shanties and the MN Art Shanties were born. And the fun just gets better and better, year after year. Every weekend in February from 10 AM-4 PM you can go out and check out the tiny themed buildings—The Air Hockey on Ice Shanty! The Sensa-station shanty! The immersive art experience of the Snowblind Shanty! The Chef Shanty! The GHOST Shanty! Dozens more!—and accompanying performances. It’s a can’t miss part of MinneSnowta winter. Saturday, Sunday, 10 AM-4 PM. Free.Archer Hargrath

White Bear Lake, White Bear Lake County Park