If you like the Nomad and you appreciate good music, then show up tonight for the pub’s Minneseries, where cowpunk band American Revival shares the stage with other local musicians (past shows have included the likes of Ashley Gold and Uprock). Tonight, it’s Fairfax, AK and Walker Fields. Straight out of a Frogtown attic and with complimentary comparisons by critics such as “Radiohead and Wilco inspired,” Fairfax, AK is still—quite wonderfully—unique in its ability to get you to tap your foot to its warm acoustic sound. If that doesn’t seem like reason enough to get your butt to the Nomad, how about adding some blues to the mix? Brad Senne of Walker Fields hails from Minneapolis, and has been compared to a legend or two in his time as well (Woody Guthrie, anyone?). 9 p.m. Free. —AA

The Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Ave., Mpls., 612-338-6424, nomadpub.com