Author of more than 25 books, Albert Goldbarth will be reading only a tiny fraction of his life’s work tonight at the Loft. Fortunately, a tiny fraction from this poet is all you need. From the philosophical to the mundane, Goldbarth lets his words run without abandon over the many curves of his universe. Effusive, playful, engaging, his poetry has netted acclaim across the literary review world and the awards-giving world. Most recently, he won the Mark Twain Poetry Award from the Poetry Foundation. Like any good poet, he’s wandered this wide country and published his goods all over. In 2009, however, he published To Be Read in 500 Years: Poems with St. Paul’s own Graywolf Press.

He can’t stay away apparently, and we don’t blame him. Prepare to get thrown into an at once personal and expansive world as curated by Goldbarth. From gay bars in Austin to sunlight’s unique properties, Goldbarth’s gift lies in sculpting meaning from unlikely corners of life. Sounds refreshing, no? 7 p.m. Free. –LB

The Loft at Open Book, 1011 Washington Ave., Mpls., 612-215-2575,