For its 125th anniversary, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design will be welcoming the public and past graduates to a showing of About Change, an examination of the actual social impact art has. With work from a dozen artists, the show seeks to connect artistic practice to lived experience in Minnesota and beyond. It’s a concept artists certainly have no problem accepting, but for many outside the art world, the real world effect of art can seem muted. Look a little harder though, and you can begin to see how design and art alter our landscape.

In the literal sense, works like participant Norman Andersen’s “Rainmaker’s Baggage” sculpture at the Seattle airport are hard to miss: the quirky bits of luggage strung up on a steel rod are eye catching. But they also become a part of the social fabric of a city, serving as place markers, points of connection, and touchstones of cultural orientation. Think of the murals you delight to see on your daily commute, the way the Walker’s spoon and cherry remind you of specific summer nights, whatever it may be that helps tie you to the city. We have art to thank for that. And with a 125th anniversary opening reception, we have a few specific artists to thank for that. 6 p.m. Free. –LB

MCAD, 2501 Stevens Ave. S., Mpls., 612.874.3700,