For some reason some readers didn’t receive our Monday email, so we’re including our Cheat Sheet today, too. Enjoy. Enjoy responsibly.

Between the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places, there’s just too much going on to keep track of, so here’s a few talking points to start off your week and get your prepped for your back-to-work happy hour.

Who: Acclaimed author Paul Auster

Ughhhh—we cannot handle looking at things that are happening in 2017! What happened to this year!? Where did it go? Why was it so terrible? Anyway, the fine folks at lit mag Rain Taxi will be jump starting your 2017 with an appearance from super big deal author Paul Auster, who will be making an appearance coinciding with the release of his new book 4321. You can get one of the tix to the event, which will sell out early, online or with the new book at Moon Palace Books or Common Good Books.

What: Moonlight

One of the most talked about films of the Twin Cities Film Fest—and anywhere this year, really—Moonlight, the multi-chapter story of a gay black man, will be showing in MPLS + STPL starting Friday, Nov 18th and tickets will be on sale shortly.

We’re giving away tickets to this incredible movie and have sneakily put the giveaway right here to see if you’re actually reading. Want to see the movie? Reply to us for a chance to win them. Just say “hey I’m reading and want to see Moonlight”.

Where: Valley Creek Mall in Woodbury

What on Earth could make us venture that far out into the burbs? (Besides a recommendation from the Burger Hunter.) It’s the upcoming Sound + Vision Pop Culture Collectibles Show! They’ll have a bunch of vinyl, comic books, toys, pop culture ephemera, Funko Pop! Figures, a movie event, and a meet-and-greet with Marvel Comics/DC Comics artist Brent Schoonover.

When: Thursday, Dec 1st

Are you one of those unbearable foodies with a bunch of money to burn who is competitive about all the cool meals you’ve eaten recently? We’ve got a can’t miss night for you: James Beard Foundation Dinner for Women in Culinary Leadership. The event includes dishes and pairings from Cedar + Stone Urban Table’s Executive Chef Everton Clarke and Sous Chef Laura Bartholomew, Chef Tammy Wong of Rainbow Chinese Restaurant and Bar, Chef Jamie Malone of Brut, and Chef Diane Yang of Spoon and Stable, plus other notable industry names. Peep the menu and grab your $160 ticket here.

Why (You Should Keep Worrying): Minnesota’s new Republican Majority

Ugghhh. We were starting to feel better about being in a sort of oasis here in the middle of soooo many red political counties—because hey, Minnesota might be super segregated, but we’re progressive and working on it, in some ways. But then we made the mistake of watch last week’s Almanac on TPT, our local folksy political show with softball questions where politicians get off the hook and can spread their extremely spun messages. And guess what? Just like the national scene, Dems were shell shocked and in deep disagreement, GOPers were obfuscating about their constituents and upcoming sinister plans, and our media’s discourse is completely inept to help correct the course. Happy Monday.