It’s almost impossible to keep up with the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places here in MPLS + STPL, so we’ve put together this list of stuff that we’re using as talking points this week and sharing them with you to pretend like they’re you’re own.

Who: The Predator

“I ain’t got time to bleed”! Santa came early for all you Action Boyz fans of classic action movies. The Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Society and Cult Film Collective are taking over The Trylon next Wednesday (December 27th) with a rare print of Predator (1987). It’s not only Arnold at his peak, but also former MN Governor The Body, as well. Tickets understandably going fast for this one. [TIX]

What: Live from Here with Chris Thile

We’d heard the predictions that Thile’s incarnation of A Prairie Home Companion 2.0 was going to change its name, and that was before MPR sacked Keillor for being handsy. (Btw, Keillor is a great example of how the changing line of consequences lead to an older man’s downfall. Women around him and the show have known about his inappropriate behavior, but it was never officially inappropriate. Now that the standard shifted MPR had to sack him before more public allegations and lawsuits hit. Also, btw, shame on STrib (yet again) for publishing Keillor’s limericks, which were just blatant click bait.) The official change happened this morning, it’s now Live fro Here. Not a great name, but whatever, we’re big fans of Thile’s and agree that a name change will do the show good and it will hopefully help continue to draw audience for the good work he’s doing. 

When: January at First Avenue

Regular Readers may have noticed a slight down tick in event appearances in our newsletter for First Avenue events—it’s because so dang many of them are sold out! So here’s your heads up for some of the big ones hitting in January 2018, including the just-announced 13th Birthday Party for the Current (if you’re into that) with Bully, Now, Now, The Social Animals, and Dem Atlas. There’s also the club’s Best New Bands night, The Annual Blowout, Red Bull Crashed Ice Afterparty, Cactus Blossoms residency, Andrew Broder and Friends residencySPCO appearance, and metal man Jimmy Claypool’s birthday party. Not to mention sold out (already) Wrestlepalooza and sold out (already) DJ Tribute to Prince. 

Where: The Armory

The story of The Armory—the big stone building by the Vikings Stadium that used to be home to the MPLS Lakers, then for a long time a run-down parking lot, now a giant performance venue—is pretty amazing. We remember being told the city officials that the spot would never ever be permitted to renovate into a venue, but that was before the magic words Super Bowl opened every single door in the state. But anyway, we’re a little bummed to have missed the Seven Lions show there, we heard a lot of really good things about the show and the space. Keep an eye on it post-big game when ticket prices drop back down for people without unlimited money.  

Why (Not): Askov Finlayson-Target combo

Always wanted some gear that said NORTH, but couldn’t afford to get it from Askov Finlayson? Great news for you from Target: “Minneapolis-based Askov Finlayson comes to Target in a limited-edition partnership that celebrates the spirit of adventure and creativity in the place we both call home. The #TeamNorthxTarget collection will be available beginning January 14 in select Minnesota stores and on”