Here, let us get you excited for one of our upcoming weekend events with an early preview.

Even though he’s well known for his curatorial work in the MPLS + STPL art community, we think Christopher Atkins should also be well known as an artist in his own right by our art-appreciating general public. (Or at least our up-to-speed and in-the-know Secrets readership.)

Since we’re fans of Atkins’s photography work, we got a sneak peek of his upcoming solo show Wired at the Kolman & Pryor Gallery, the first ever photography show the often on-point space in Northrup King. The pieces, shot at night since Atkins often wakes up for long periods of sleeplessness, have very little color and very high contrast—there’s a sharp brightness from the little pockets and slivers of light in the pictures—as well as central shapes and wonderfully captured internal geometries. Patrick K. Pryor of the gallery pointed out the many different ways these shapes play into Atkins’s conceptual theme of Wired as being awake, as being connected, as in one picture an actual wire cage. And even though some of the shots are taken outside and some inside, some are static and some are quite kinetic, there’s a consistent style among the different shots, which makes for a great overall show to see.

We were also really excited at the affordable prices for the photographs, many of which were $400, meaning you can acquire some of Atkins’s work before he gets to be the much more well known for his art. We definitely recommend checking out the show at the opening reception this weekend. Saturday, 7-10 PM. Free.

Kolman & Pryor Gallery, 1500 Jackson St NE #395, MPLS;