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To show their support for staff and the general cause, several MPLS + STPL restaurants will be closing for the nation-wide “A Day Without Immigrants” protest. Along with World Street Kitchen, Victor’s 1959, and other restaurants that we follow who’ve posted (Eater has an updating list, btw), Mesa Pizza will be closing its locations. The indie pizza joint’s announcement on their Facebook page was received with some positive vibes and, on the other hand, virulent consternation from a lot of “keep your politics off our pizza” followers who we can only describe as “butthurt”. Whoever runs the Mesa Pizza account used the opportunity to try and unify their fan base around their new bread sticks, making for one of the absolute best political threads we’ve read in a very long time. Replying to every “Why would you Bring politics into your business?!? Very stupid move…” with “Priced at 2 for $1 you could easily afford to build a wall with our #deliciousnewbreadsticks however we doubt it would last since they all come with FREE MARINARA SAUCE” and “So youre inviting criminals to your establishment? The immigration policy is directed to those who entered our country illegally…educate yourselves….and i will never eat here!” with “You can ask anyone who works or eats there and they will all tell you the same thing we have breadsticks” is fantastic. We almost started crying, too, when they said “Well we have the whole day off tomorrow to troll u too #didimentiomwehavebreafsticks“. That comment alone deserves an award.