Some publications save up their awards for special once a year blowout packages—but not us! We’re giving out awards whenever we want to, in whatever categories we want to.

Maybe you’re just sampling one tap room’s beer selection. Maybe you’re bouncing from tap room to tap room and sampling several different selections of beer. Either way, you should get some food in you. And if you happen to be at a tap room where the new Bark and the Bite BBQ food truck is parked (likely Fair State Brewing or Bauhaus Brewing), you have to get some of their Honey Spiced Hush Puppies. They little pieces of deep fried deliciousness go perfectly with a variety of beer and they’re sticky fried corn meal, which will help soak up some of the alcohol. The only thing that would make them better would be spicy BBQ sauce, which B&B has plenty of. And to make things even better, the half dozen times we’ve ordered from this truck, the two dudes running the truck—Chef Noah and Chris—have been enthusiastic, good natured, and patient when we maybe had too much to drink. (Be sure to see our pick for best non-truck tap room snack, too.)