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Brunch is risky business. You’ve not at 100%, you’re hungry and need coffee, other people are cranky—it’s the last time you want to be waiting in a line to sit down and get food. But when done right, brunch kicks butt, and that’s why it’s such a big, big deal. Since we’re fans of pre-movie activities, when in need of seeing a new movie before it trickles down to the second run theaters, we hit Sunday brunch at Cooper at West End before heading across the street to our pre-assigned seats. Since the Irish pub is suburban-sized, getting a table happens right when you walk in. Their brunch menu has a bunch options for filling you up, like a classic Irish breakfast (Eggs, bacon and sausage, black and white pudding, beans, mushrooms and tomato) or our favorite the Benedict Hash. There’s also a bacon flight to split—or just eat yourself, you know what you’re about. And since Cooper has that size, they’re well staffed so you’ll be in and out before catching your movie.

Cooper Pub & Restaurant, 1607 Park Place Blvd, SLP;