Award-winner, runner-up on Last Comic Standing, and Ham Lake hero, comedian Andy Erikson will be firing up the crowd for this weekend’s special appearance at Comedy Corner Underground by comedian Josh Gondelman (who does stand-up in addition to his paying gig as writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver), and we won’t be surprised if Erikson gets as many laughs, or more, as the headliner, thanks to the goofy delivery of her seriously sharp and quick jokey material.

Before the show, and as she’s rushing back and forth to the airport, we asked Erikson some quick questions about her act, her Twitter, and the many different opportunities that you can see her in MPLS + STPL.

Secrets of the City: You’re doing a lot of shows around town, is it because you love doing stand up or to keep your game sharp or to test new material or some other reason or a combo of these?

I love doing standup! I’ve been doing it for 9 years now. Also, it’s my job so I perform to pay the bills. It’s a pretty great job.

How do you develop material? Like your fantastic tank joke, how quickly or painstakingly does that get built?

I like to just sit down and write and try to pull things from my imagination as well as from real life experiences. I tweet a lot of my jokes and thoughts on Twitter to get feedback too, which helps. Every joke has a different process and story! You can follow me on Twitter at @andyerikson

If someone’s new to seeing comedy in MPLS + STPL where—and when—should they being going?

I’ll be opening for Josh Gondelman at the Comedy Corner Underground this Friday and Saturday Dec 16-17th and everyone should come to a show!

Are there any jokes you have that you haven’t done because they’d be offensive that you’d like to share?

I tell offensive jokes during roasts. And those are a lot of fun. But typically I try not to offend too many people if I can help it. But at a roast, I don’t hold back.

How excited are you for this weekend’s show with John Oliver writer Josh Gondelman? Would you ever move to get into TV writing?

So excited! I love Josh and Last Week Tonight is an amazing show, it’s going to be a fun weekend. And yes! I moved to LA to pursue not just acting and stand-up comedy, but also to pursue writing. It helps to be in either LA or New York. And I would totally move to New York if a job required it. There are a lot of Pokémon in New York!