News: After a year-long search The Guthrie named Joe Dowling’s replacement for Artistic Director, Joseph Haj.

Notes: It’s a great hire, and we’re excited like many others are about the fresh blood. You can read the pages of Haj’s qualifications, including being named by American Theatre magazine as “one of the 25 theater artists who will have a significant impact on the field over the next quarter century”. It also helps the Guthrie’s diversity issues to bring in one of the few Arab-American artistic directors in the country. Let’s hope he’s given leeway.

News: Yesterday everyone and their anchor shared that Atlantic Mag piece from the upcoming issue that called Twincy a miracle of modern societal development? People sure thought it was great.

Notes: Yeah, we’re a great metro. But speaking of diversity issues, there’s this counter-point today in the Washington Post: If Minneapolis is so great, why is it so bad for African Americans?