Since all our readers are die hard loyal TV News viewers, we thought we’d test your daily news knowledge with this Pop Quiz. Also, for some reason, lots of people love this. See if you can pick which of these tweets from local TV news stations are original and which ridiculous ones we just made up. Answer(s) here.

Snowy mix rolling into the Metro … slippery spots forming

This car stalled out in the right lane, but cars are just driving around it on 169NB near Hwy 7

494 WB @ Baker Rd Right shoulder blocked

The snow is REALLY coming down in Duluth!

There are a LOT of crashes including this one on 694 WB @ Silver Lake Rd

Well this is creating a “fun” end to the morning commute…

Snow-covered roads.. and there goes the commute

Cab driver helps elderly man find lost vehicle

Fresh coat of snow in Sartell. This is moving into the metro *right now.*

Slippery snow clearing the NW Metro now … this quick band of snow should be clear of the Metro by 9am

And we’re done. At least in Minneapolis. Flurries later this evening, but the bulk of the snow is behind us.