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Now and then we all need to go back in time to get that sweet taste of nostalgia. It’s what makes us appreciate the small things more. Life is simpler at the historic Wagner’s Drive-In. Yup, just pull right up and hit the switch and out will come your happy smiling waitress, minus the roller skates. First thing to notice is the prices . . . I think someone forgot to update them. They are very low folks. I ordered the bacon double cheese. Coming out hot at under $7. Damn Gina. Let’s start with the bun. Pretty regs but it’s butter grilled. The beef is chucky and smashed onto flattop with a very loose pack. Cooked through, but hella juicy. Bib up cause you’re in the car. Full burger flav with a nice salty finish. The cheese is American and pretty standard. The bacon is double crisp and just perfy for my 1 and only topping. Now this is a drive-in so you better malt up if you know what’s good for you. Fries are crinkle and decent. Belgium dip anyone? They’ll ask you if you want a tray for the window or a bag for the car . . . Always go window tray . . Always go window tray! It’s the difference maker. You’ll leave smiling and feeling young again.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.5   Presentation: 5   Originality: 6

Wagner’s Drive In, 7000 W Broadway Ave, Brooklyn Park;