We get more reader responses for the juicy work or Mike S., the Burger Hunter than any other feature. You can check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram. Editor’s Note: This hunt may shock some of our regular readers. But it’s worth mentioning that Mike had such strong feelings about this burger that he tried it on separate occassions to confirm his findings—it’s the type of dedication you come to expect from him.

Have you ever woke up and said, “I had too much to dream last night?” Well, this hunt is so outrageously inspiring and thought provoking that you might need a few days to get your head around it. In the historic North Loop (where they toss 13 story building proposals like side salads) of MPLS, sits the 2016 🍔 Hunt of the Year! Red Cow. I mean even the name is dialed. Be ready, about to sing some praises. The Double Barrel Burger is a flavor beast of everything you dream when you think, “Damn I want a good burger right now.” Let’s run this thing from top to bottom. Bun, best burger bun maybe ever. It’s the right size, doesn’t get too drenched, airy, dreamy, and quite saporific. It’s got that look . . . custom & fresh daily from the legends over at Wuollet Bakery. Next up is the white American. Folks . . . we mean the cheese! Melt factor hundo p. Taste is perfection. Doesn’t interfere or hide. Underneath the cheese is what changed me forever. The Red Cow Grind: 21 day aged ribeye, chuck, short rib, and brisket. They take all that and grind it up into two thin patties and smash them onto the flattop. The pack is loose, the seasonings are light, and the cook time is minimal. But the flavor is woke af. Can’t. Even. Handle. Seriously it’s the big leagues. It’s like Michael Jordan just walked in or something. I get a little nutty . . . flavor from the dry aged ribeye but also a richness from the short rib. It’s to live for! On the bottom bun is some grilled onion and a fabtown special sauce spread. Ok, wake me up! This is like fantasy land. I mean the burger is harmoniously simple. Kinda but not. It’s got a classic feel but the flavor is from heaven. A chef driven masterpiece no doubt. Pro-Tip Be the hero at Christmas and give someone a gift card to this place. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 10   Presentation: 10   Originality: 10

Red Cow Restaurant & Bar, 208 N 1st Ave, MPLS; redcowmn.com