Whenever we talk about Secrets of the City people immediately say “oh, I love the Burger Hunter!”. We love him, too. Check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram and at @BurgerHunterUSA on the twitter.

This hunt takes place just off of Uni-, just enough to make it cool for some reason. Welcome to Mayslack’s. Okay, now you got your visual. That corner. You can see Knight Cap over there the unofficial home to all their 86’ers. Anywho, I’m not at Mayslack’s to party or listen to a band this time. It’s hunting season and there’s three beautiful mini burgers in my scope. They are totes one of the best things on this menu. Had ’em many times tbh. Bread is a dark rye that’s sweet and soaks up juices better than SpongeBob himself. Buns filled with flavor. Lots of it comes from the straight up onion party they got going on. Bold and glorious beefy au jus taste to them. Sautéed to success. Not too sweet. Light crunch still and flat out everywhere yet somehow it’s not too many. There’s like 150 onions on it give or take a zero! The burgers meat is hand pattied, with a loose pack and fresh. There’s a special sauce that is special. Seems to have ketchup and pickles and mustard and idk really. It’s good. These Mayslack’s mini burgers are quite possibly the best sliders in town. FR! Pro tip: The roast beef is legendary and nobody beats their meat.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.9   Presentation: 8   Originality: 8

Mayslack’s, 1428 4th Street NE, MPLS; mayslacksbar.com