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So I’m just gonna come out and say it. Someone knocked some sense into me and we finally made it over to Joe Senser’s. Yeah the old Minnesota Viking place, but not the guy who sat on the bench. This dude made it to the Pro Bowl. Now Senser’s has been rockin’ a hardcore sports scene since ’88. Even if that’s not your thing, this is done pretty well. I even sat in a fancy garage lounge theater for dinner. Quite contemporary. But trust me it’s pretty game-y and I don’t mean the chow. I ordered The MVP burger. First off it’s a hot mess. But glorious. It’s like I hope nobody’s looking kinda good. Just dig in. BBQ seems heavy but it ain’t. Bun is fresh and toasted. Grind is Angus and locally sourced. It’s fresh never frozen and seared on griddle to lockdown juicy flavor town. And that’s about what it did! Now the toppings ride on this all-star are dialed. The garlic aioli adds a nice depth while the bacon and cheddar deliver the stats your hero is looking for. The salt on those two brothers put the BBQ almost sideways. But them caramelized onions tried to dom a bit but that’s what MVP’s do. Ball don’t lie . . . Might need more napkins than you’re used to, but that’s well worth it now isn’t it. Job well done, Joe!

Scorecard:  Flavor: 8.9   Presentation: 8   Originality: 8

Joe Senser’s, 2350 North Cleveland Ave, Roseville; sensers.com