For the past 94 weeks we’ve been on a wild adventure all across Twincy hunting for burgers. We learned so much on this ride and it all felt like one giant party between buns. The restaurants, the chefs, the service, and all the owners that help to elevate the greatest sandwich ever, we thank you! Without a doubt Minnesota, and especially the MSP area, has taken the lead on burger creativity. There’s a respect for traditional flavors yet we continue to move forward. Not a week goes by without another new spot offering their take on the best burger around. It’s quite the market here.

Now this is an official announcement: I’m taking a long extended break from hunting for burgers. Yes, I know that I’ve missed many spots (Shaw’s!) and I understand that there will be new ones to come, but the groundwork has been laid and it’s your turn. You see a bar that has neons in the window with a crowded parking lot, go hunt it! Finding these burger gems is the real reason for the season. It’s the delight in trying something different or someplace maybe you wouldn’t have gone before. That’s how to really make good memories. I want to thank each and every single one of our readers for your support along the way. Your encouragement, ideas, criticism, and comedy has made this journey feel like a team effort. Thank you and it’s time for a salad.

Your friend,

The Great American Burger Hunter

Flavor: 🍔   Presentation: 🍔   Originality: 🍔