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Ding! Dong! The Snow Is Gone!

According to MPR, yesterday’s record heat finally did away with the last remains of Winter ’10-’11 that languished on the Sears parking lot since the first big dump we got back in, oh, what, November?

Your Morning Coffee

HuffPo: T-Paw has Plans, including Google testing applied to government services. You’d think he was running for President or something. (MinnPost gets into the details.) City Pages:  “Are so!” “Am not!” (And the Poynter Institute offers up some advice: “How… Continue Reading →

Grrrrl Power! 7th-Grade Tennis Phenom Plays Boys’ Varsity

[Strib] Rochester Mayo, helped by seventh-grade girl Ingrid Neel, who is playing boys’ tennis this season, knocked off defending Class 2A champion Eden Prairie in the quarterfinals this morning at the U of M Baseline Tennis Center.

Your Morning Coffee

PiPress: Pianos On Parade at Grand Old Day. St. Cloud Times: When I used to visit Grandma/I was very much impressed/By her all-purpose apron/And the power it possessed. Strib: Do the results of health code inspections greatly influence your dining… Continue Reading →

James Arness dies at age 88

Here’s the Strib obit, filled with Minneapolis-centric detail. Jim’s big break came when his mentor, John Wayne, recommended that Arness be cast as Matt Dillion in “Gunsmoke,” which later became TV’s most-watched series from 1957-1961. Prior to that, Arness had… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Stuff About Minneapolis: The Northern Spark nuit blanche participatory art festival begins Saturday evening, 6/4, in Minneapolis. The overnight fest will feature “multi-story projections, audio environments with vistas, floating works on barges, houseboats and paddleboats, headphone concerts, and the use… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

CBSLocal: In tough gas economy, Civics are being reborn. “The Civics Reborn program reinvents the concept of the used car. Moore sells just one generation of Honda Civics, what he calls the fifth generation known for safety features — from… Continue Reading →

Your I’m-Sleeping-In Coffee

Strib: The Kensington Runestone hits the road. Sort of. PiPress: A Korean War MIA comes home. Brainerd Dispatch: Bunny Ferrell remembers how she spent her high school summer vacation in 1943: Repairing the USS California, in Bremerton ,WA. Duluth News… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Strib: Reclaiming history, one headstone at a time, within the oldest Minneapolis cemetery. Austin Daily Herald: USPS to close additional post offices, including the northern-most PO in the US: 56711. (It’ll be a 65-mile drive to the next-nearest one.) Duluth… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Demitasse

MPR: Rescuing North Minneapolis’ blue herons in the tornado’s aftermath. Also: Raptor expert among the tornado victims. AP: Fact-checking Tim Pawlenty’s campaign kick-off. Grade: F. Salon: Why do Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann misquote the Constitution? AV Club: Some weird… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Strib: Deadly tornado and its aftermath. From Paul Douglas‘ weather blog: “It was the worst metro tornado since 1981, maybe ’65. Half a mile wide, winds may have topped 125 mph.” He says without the 7-minute warning that was given,… Continue Reading →

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