Author Maura Ryan

The Lex Chases Rooftop Dreams, Some Neighbors Concerned

The iconic landmark wants to expand its al fresco experience to patio- and rooftop-addicted Minnesotans.

Midtown Greenway Molotov Cocktail Suspects Arrested

No one likes to think a molotov cocktail will be launched at you while you’re riding your bike.

Watch Crazy-Freaky 2 GINGERS Ad, Repeat

So have you heard the one where a guy walks into a bar and … it’s the Peacock Lounge?

What TC Execs Do After Hours

Next time you’re at a rock show or comedy club, behave yourself, your boss might be watching … from the stage.

Ye Olde Minneapolis How We Love Thee

If you love nostalgia and adore Minneapolis, then walk down Old Minneapolis memory lane.

Gem Lake Jerk Punches Cossetta’s Owner in the Face

There’s probably a lot of free parking in Gem Lake.

Former Radio Host Jeff Dubay Beats Addiction by Locking Himself in Apartment

Now in recovery, the former KFAN radio host opens up about his struggle with crack cocaine addiction.

Furry Celebs Lil Bub and Pudge to Appear at Internet Cat Video Festival

Security will likely be tight as the purring stars will be in their carriers, guarded by their handlers, so petting opps might be difficult.

The Saint Paul Farmers’ Market in Video

This video that pretty much sums of the Saint Paul Farmers’ Market: Vibrant, fresh fruits and veggies, adorable babies, gorgeous flowers, blue grass music, and friendly farmers.

Feds to Kids: Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

This fall, the U.S. gov is requiring Twin Cities schools to serve lunches with more fruits and veggies and less carbs.

Build a Fairytale House for Ye Fairies and Sprites

The Renaissance Festival Fairy House Competition calls for squires and ladies” to create a fairy paradise for the “little winged sprites flitting about the garden.”

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