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Is Ranked Choice Racist?

Two University of Minnesota professors think the system discourages poor, minority voters—and they’ve got the survey results to back them up.

Hans Strudel Is Here To Save Breakfast

General Mills’ Pillsbury is launching a new campaign for its Toaster Strudels that features a chipper kid from the fictitious land of “Breakfurg.”

Minnesota Authors on the Literary Map

These famous bylines have made the Twin Cities, and Minnesota in general, a hotbed for creative writing. Now we’re just returning the favor.

Twitter Race Between Top TC Educators Gets ‘A’ for Effort

Valeria Silva and Bernadeia Johnson run the public schools in St. Paul and Minneapolis, respectively—now they are competing for Twitter followers.

Mpls. Offers Crash Course in Ranked-Choice Voting

The 2009 roll-out of ranked-choice was met with mixed success. This year the city is pulling out all the stops to educate everyone on how it works.

What We’ve Got and What We Don’t

Jay Gabler at the TC Daily Planet read Jay Walljasper’s excerpts on MinnPost and chimed in with his two cents on how we can step into the national spotlight.

Hall’s Island to Reappear in the Mississippi

The strange history of Hall’s Island continues after the Minnesota House votes to remake the island that first appeared in the 1870s.

Minneapolis Laws Might Get Readable Rewrite

The home rule charter of Minneapolis is ridiculously long, but in November residents will get to vote on a version they can understand.

Maybe the TC Isn’t as Liveable as We Think

Jay Walljasper doesn’t want Minneapolis and St. Paul getting smug: we’ve got problems. Our question is: do they outweigh the good?

Bus Drivers Recruited in Battle Against Sex Trafficking

Minnesota has a trafficking problem, and Metro Transit is doing its part to help fight it.

U of M Says Designer Purses are Talisman Against Boyfriend Stealing

A Gucci purse tells other women that your man is devoted enough to you to buy you a pricey present. Yes, this is a thing.

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