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Out Twin Cities Film Festival

The third annual Out Twin Cities Film Festival is here just after Obama’s declaration of support for gay marriage but just before Minnesota’s vote on anĀ amendment to deny it. Meant to connect and celebrate the diversity within the LGBT community,… Continue Reading →

Iggy Azalea at Fine Line

Not that this provocative, attractive, rapping phenom needs any new marketers on her team, but let us offer our services anyway. Where Lady Gaga tries to get real by wearing a dress of meat, Iggy Azalea just goes ahead and… Continue Reading →

Public Schools Get Recess Coaches

While the idea of a recess coach, someone who helps guide children through organized play, may seem a little excessive, that’s precisely what national organization Playworks argues we need in schools.

The Shakespeare Project at Magers & Quinn

Not that we’ve secretly hung on to our essays from 11th grade English where we skillfully applied Jacques Derrida to Romeo and Juliet, but if we were to look back on that time, we’d say it was pretty formative. It’s… Continue Reading →

(Some of) The Pines at Nomad

Jazz nights at Nomad, don’t quite know how to say this, but they’re a pretty big deal. Take tonight for instance, both David Huckfelt and James Buckley of The Pines will be performing. Loved across Minnesota and the country, The… Continue Reading →

Tenfest at Mixed Blood

Ever wish going to the theater was a little more like speed dating? Wish granted. The five-day event known as Tenfest forgoes the typical night of dramatics for a collection of punchy ten-minute plays instead. Like a well-curated anthology or… Continue Reading →

Beards Making a Better World

Going down in history as one of the greatest fundraising efforts of all time, Bridging has launched the effort Bridging Barber: Groom for Rooms. The project asks participants to vote on their favorite bearded look for volunteer Anton.

Road Rage: MNDOT’s New Plan to Pay for Roads Raises Objections

The state is considering charging drivers per mile driven rather than gallon purchased.

La Fille Mal Gardee Screening at the Heights

For our Tuesday evening, we’re thinking a jet trip to London, a bite to eat at Kimye’s favorite restaurant Zuma, and then an evening performance from the Royal Ballet. But since jet lag sucks and Kimye kind of does too,… Continue Reading →

Richard Ford at Minneapolis Central Library

You’d think after you win a Pulitzer and a PEN/Faulkner award for your fiction and novel writing, you might slow down. Not so for Richard Ford. The Mississippi novelist will be starting a new professorship at Columbia University in the… Continue Reading →

Julie Johnson & The No-Accounts at Amsterdam

Balkan dance music and a bass flute (which, by the way, who knew?)? Just a regular Tuesday night at Amsterdam. Julie Johnson, joined by Doug Otto and Drew Druckery, has played around town with various groups but hit her stride… Continue Reading →

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