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The Dark Star Neal Karlen Knew

Author Neal Karlen wrote for MPR Friday morning that, “His death certificate might say “heart failure,” but no one doubts that George Chapple passed away because of a life lived unashamedly as Dark Star.”

Little Mekong vs. Light Rail

The creeping, crawling mess that is Central Corridor light rail development continues on to another neighborhood.

Minneapolis Armory To Receive $16M Makeover

Originally built in 1935 with funds from the Public Works Administration, the building likely has some hidden architectural gems. For now though, workers will have to sift through dead pigeons and dirt.

CaringBridge Celebrates Anniversary and Attempts World Record

CaringBridge is inviting people down to MOA to sign the world’s largest greeting card for its 15th anniversary.

Scared of Going Downtown? Don’t Be.

Go ahead, get downtown, and if we’re to believe Jane Jacobs’ eyes on the street philosophy, stop using those skyways all the time.

Law Enforcement Rake in $5 Million in Crime-Scene Seizures

It’s a glass half full/empty story depending on who you ask.

Saint Anyway at Cause

If you’re like us, the Hatfields & McCoys mini-series on the History Channel has left you hankering for some hill music and dancing. Fortunately, Cause planned accordingly and scheduled the phenomenal, country-crisscrossing Saint Anyway. Three guys, one guitar, one bass,… Continue Reading →

About Change at MCAD

For its 125th anniversary, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design will be welcoming the public and past graduates to a showing of About Change, an examination of the actual social impact art has. With work from a dozen artists,… Continue Reading →

Heavy Metal at Trylon

Space exploration as even Newt Gingrich could never imagine, Heavy Metal starts with an astronaut returning home to his daughter only to be melted by his green orb space souvenir. The orb, we are told, is the “sum of all… Continue Reading →

Minnesota Goes to (Cupcake) War

Since winning Cupcake Wars once is simply not enough for Prospect Park’s Cupcake owner, Kevin VanDeraa, he’ll be returning for the championship round of the special five-part Cupcake Champions.

I.L.I.C.I.T. at Bryant-Lake

Memorial Day has passed, but Memori-ILL Day is just getting started. Instead of somber ceremonies mixed with a little light campaigning in this political season, you’ll get hours of entertainment from the Hip-Hop Mayor of St. Paul and company. We’re… Continue Reading →

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