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36 Homeowners Sue Roto-Rooter

What’s worse than having to pay for plumbing repairs? Finding out you’ve been overcharged for said plumbing repairs. That’s why Twin Cities residents are suing plumbing giant Roto-Rooter.

Who Won Top Prizes in Roundy’s Monopoly Game? Nobody.

The grocery store chain only awarded a third of its advertised prizes. And no one won the top eight prizes.

Peanuts Movie Set For 2015

Think every comic strip has already been turned into a computer animated movie? Think again. Charlie Brown and his gang will hit the big screen.

Mercado Central’s Quarrels

When Mercado Central opened in 1999 on Lake Street, the idea was to create a place for local merchants to set up shop and eventually take ownership of the building. But now there are quarrels about how that should happen.

Moses Attends Stillwater Homecoming

At Stillwater High School’s homecoming, a student dressed as Moses parts the Red Sea of students in the stands.

Royal Photos!

The Swedish royals are in town and they made a stop at the American Swedish Institute. Check out the photos!

Twin Cities Water Runs Dry

The recent drought is creating major problems in the Twin Cities. Thirsty lawns require a good soaking, rather than a mild sprinkling to stay green and our lack of rain isn’t helping.

Ramsey County Hosts Deer Hunt

The main purpose of the program is to control the deer population, which has skyrocketed.

City Pages: Sold!

The new owners aren’t including or it’s scandalous sex trade listings in the deal.

Texting Cops About Drug Deals

You know what’s a bad idea? Selling marijuana illegally. You know what’s a really bad idea? Accidentally texting a cop about it.

Prince’s New ‘do

We can’t stop looking at Prince’s awesome hair.

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