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Morning Tea

WCCO: Jason’s Station tells you all about vodka. Strib: Dayton says ‘let’s make a deal.’ MN GOP says “no.” KAAL: Spam gets a bigger can. MinnPost: Shelby on #@*! my lawmaker says. Midwest Energy News: Does wind turbines raise my electric… Continue Reading →

Flush With Pride: Twin Cities Notable Public Bathrooms

Let the jokes begin, but it’s true. KARE-11 did a feature on the notable public restrooms in the metro area. These include the haunted loo at First Avenue and the legendary marble urinal at Stanley’s (formerly Stasiu’s) in NE Mpls.

Green Power, Nice Flowers, New Hours

There a lot of changes to this weekend’s Living Green Expo at the state fairgrounds.  First, the location inside the fairgrounds is different, to make room for the Friends Plant Sale in the Grandstand. The Expo will be in a series of… Continue Reading →

By The Gallon Or By The Mile?

MnDOT is looking for volunteers to test a system that could someday lead to Minnesota drivers being taxed by the miles traveled, not the gallons purchased. One concern is when we all get our shiney new electric vehicles, we won’t be… Continue Reading →

Minnesota Senate Votes For Pro-Coal Bill

Here’s an update on a topic we discussed earlier. Today the Minnesota Senate voted 42-18 for a bill that would allow more coal-burning power plants in Minnesota. I’m not the only one who thinks this is a bad idea. There has been… Continue Reading →

Morning Coffee

Star Tribune: High gas prices has Minnesotans changing habits. Again. Hastings Star Gazette: Porky’s finds a new home in Hastings. MPR: The Civil War began 150 years ago today. The Minnesota connection. Pioneer Press: High fashion? In Minnesota? MN Indy:… Continue Reading →

Judgement Day in Wisconsin

Wisconsonites vote for state Supreme Court judges. These elections are usually something of a yawner, but this year is different. The race between the incumbant Justice David Prosser and Assistant AG JoAnne Kloppenburg is now being seen as yet another battle… Continue Reading →

Here Comes The Sun. Or Not.

This weekend, the Strib offered this story on solar energy in Minnesota. In a nutshell, the amount of solar power instalations in the state is up threefold from 2009. So this is a solar boom, right? The story also notes… Continue Reading →

No Broadband For Duluth

Google has spurned Duluth and has taken the hand of Kansas City. In true Minnesota Nice, we hope that Google will be happy with its choice. Don’t worry, Duluth, there’s always Yahoo!

No Smoking On Hennepin County Property

This story has been generating a lot of heat nationally, but hardly a puff of smoke in the local media. Soon a new ordinance will prohibit smoking on any Hennepin County-owned property, indoors, outdoors, even parked in your own car. Your thoughts?

Lexington, MN Needs James Dalton

This story from KSTP-TV certainly sounds like a job for the late Patrick Swayze’s philosophical bouncer from the so-bad-its-great movie “Roadhouse“. Lexington is a small town that is racking up a big bar tab, so to speak, in police calls… Continue Reading →

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