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Shout-Out: Obama Commends a Minnesota Business during DNC Speech

President Obama applauded Minnesota-based Marvin Windows and Doors for its commitment to the community during last night’s DNC speech.

Dark Star’s Vault of Sports Memorabilia is Up for Sale

This weekend’s estate sale proves that in 66 years, radio legend Dark Star amassed more than just great friends (hint: it’s sports memorabilia).

R.T. Rybak Defends Obama at the DNC

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak echoed his long-standing support for President Obama at the DNC yesterday.

A Case of High-Tech, Police-State Repo

South Minneapolis car salesman Jake Ingebrigtson used public license-tracking records to ferret out one customer who had been dodging payments.

A St. Paul Professor Turned Somalian Presidential Candidate

Professor Ahmed Samatar, a leading scholar in Somalian politics at Macalester, campaigns for a more stable government in his homeland.

L.A. Nik Drops a New Single, Blows Everybody’s Minds

L.A. Nik is ready to make the jump to true rock star status with his new single “Friends in Minneapolis.”

Joe Biden, Football, America.

After a scheduled campaign stop on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden paid the Minneapolis South High School football team a surprise visit.

Some Minnesota College Grads Get By on Food Stamps

A rising number of underemployed Twin Cities grads rely on food stamps for their next meal, joining more than 520,000 other Minnesotans.

Vote Minneapolis/St. Paul for America’s Favorite Cities

Time to put that Minnesota pride to work: Travel+Leisure wants your help selecting the nation’s favorite cities.

Twins to Ditch 1500ESPN for Pohlad-Owned FM Station

After six years of broadcasting on 1500ESPN, the Minnesota Twins plan to move their club to a Pohlad-owned FM station next season.

The Twin Cities Inch Towards a Sellers’ Market

Good news: Minnesota’s metro housing market just swung in favor of the supplier. But don’t get too excited: those same sellers face a fractured market where prices sit at historic lows.

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