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Precinct caucuses tonight

For the politically-inclined nerds around here, tonight is your precinct caucus.¬† This will include a straw poll for gubernatorial candidates.¬† So.¬† Are you going?¬† Who will you vote for, and why?¬† What issues will you advocate for your party to… Continue Reading →

UMN professor debates creationist

The Daily covers yesterday’s debate between blogger/atheist/UMN-Morris biology professor PZ Myers and Jerry Bergman, a professor at Northwest State College in Ohio, on the topic of whether or not Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. I’m going to go… Continue Reading →

The other mayoral candidates

MinnPost has a rundown on the non-Rybak candidates for mayor. You’ll be given an IRV ballot this year; who is your *second* choice? (or first for the Rybak skeptics). I for one long for the days of noble, proud beards… Continue Reading →


I was hiking in Interstate State Park yesterday (ok, fine, the Wisconsin side) and I saw about a dozen snakes. And not just garter snakes, but Western Fox Snakes and a Redbelly snake. Has anyone ever seen a Timber Rattlesnake… Continue Reading →

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