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Holiday Trivia & Christmas Jumper Spectacular at Brit’s

Not that we’ve got tomorrow off work, but why not celebrate the season early with an old-fashioned ugly “jumper” party at Brit’s—that’s Freddie-speak for “sweater.” They’re heralding in Christmas with a trivia free-for-all thanks to fellow Brit Cosgrove, so you may… Continue Reading →

Ben Welter at SubText

Never a shortage of books on the history of our Cities, and for good reason: we eat this stuff up. The latest book delving into our state’s lore is by Ben Welter, who you might recognize from his column at the STrib… Continue Reading →

Robert Bell with Naomi Uyama at Barbette

Slip into an entirely different era tonight with Robert Bel and Naomi Uyama in their natural element—a dimly lit bohemian bar serving up French fare. Naomi Uyama’s daring vibrato will transport you entirely as she confidently leads Bell’s acoustic guitar… Continue Reading →

Best Show Listening Party at Turf

Before Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, before Julie Klausner’s Week, Tom Scharpling paved the way with his radio show, blending a love for music with comedic banter while he took listener calls and hosted guests. The New Jersey radio show went… Continue Reading →

Blue Jays and the Prisoner’s Dilemma at Bryant Lake Bowl

The NPR show “RadioLab” spends one hour covering a scientific subject in depth, one that’s complex and tedious when delivered by rote lecture but comes alive thanks to creative minds using metaphors, vivid descriptions, and clever teachers to help us… Continue Reading →

Festivus at Town Hall Brewery

Gather ’round the Festivus pole for that yearly celebration of misery, which we might call only a small stretch from ordinary family gatherings. Wait—you’ve never heard of Festivus? First of all, all your assumptions about good television are wrong, and… Continue Reading →

Home Is Where the Art Is at Varsity

The occasional Policy and a Pint series, spearheaded by the ever-engaging Citizens League may have started as a strictly political enterprise, but these days its definition has expanded a bit. Rightly so, as politics includes everything from freedom of expression… Continue Reading →

Fantastic Merlins at Black Dog

The cornerstone of the Black Dog Cafe is its community of music fans, and the cornerstone of its musical talent on view is the Fantastic Merlins. From hosting a weekly experimental night to cutting back to tour the city (and… Continue Reading →

Kevin Kling at the Guthrie

When Kevin Kling returns, he makes it easy to catch him in any number of forms. A clever duet with Chastity Brown, two recent book releases with accompanying signing events, and now a Christmas revue at the Guthrie. One man,… Continue Reading →

Fri: SUX2BU at Kitty Cat Klub

There’s no shortage of dance nights in the Twin Cities (we see you, every weekend ’90s party at Honey), but we’re losing the best tonight. WAK LYF puts on their last night at Kitty Cat, bidding farewell in WAK LYF… Continue Reading →

Fri-Sun: The Santaland Diaries at Cowles

Nothing cuts through the holiday season excess like a little sardonic wit. Who better to deliver it than David Sedaris, champion of the underdog, expert storyteller, and former mall elf employee. In lieu of an appearance from Sedaris himself (sorry,… Continue Reading →

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