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Friday Open Thread 09.03.10

Yup, it’s that day again. Whacha wanna talk about? Gimme somethin’ good. (Perhaps a conversation about how texting, tweeting, and web writing in general is destroying our language?)

Big and F.A.S.T. Explores the Dying Art of the Roadside Attraction

Remember Max Sparber? Of course you do. But how many of you know Coco Mault? What about Courtney? Surely you’ve met her at a MNSpeak happy hour or two. If you haven’t, you ought to try, cuz this li’l chickadee… Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave Your Bike on the Bus

Are you biking or riding? A lot of people do a little of both, biking to the bus or light rail, hooking their bike up in the space provided, and riding the rest of the way. The trouble is, many… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Stretches the Truth in Latest Campaign Ad

According to WCCO’s Pat Kessler, Michele Bachmann’s latest TV campaign ad ‚Äî with the State Fair as the backdrop ‚Äî distorts the truth. What a surprise. (This is politics, after all.) “While you’re at the fair, you should know Tarryl… Continue Reading →

Local Music Legend Breaks into Visual Arts

I grew up listening to Curtis A playing all over town, Beatles Beatles everywhere (and then some), so when I moved back to Minneapolis five years ago, it was comforting to see him still around, his daughter in the audience,… Continue Reading →

What Would You like to See Next in Downtown Minneapolis?

According to the Downtown Journal, the Minneapolis Downtown Council is trying to hash out another 15-year plan. Back in 1996, those stakeholders came up with Downtown 2010, a vision that included such grandiose plans as a new ballpark for the… Continue Reading →

Target Has it All, Expect Booze — so far!

You can pretty much get anything you need or want at Target these days, so why not a drink? According to this morning’s Strib, “Target Corp. is in the market for a full liquor license for its downtown headquarters at… Continue Reading →

Friday Open Thread 08.27.10

I’ve no internet today, and posting from my iPhone is a nightmare, so… ¬†Help out by posting if you can. And, well, how about a little discussion on our internet dependency? Grr What’s up this weekend – I mean, besides… Continue Reading →

Have Your Say in the Minnesota State Fair Poll

Starting today, you can voice your opinions about firearms at gun shows, tax breaks for small businesses, costs at public colleges and universities, and public funding for a new stadium to house the Minnesota Vikings by participating in the annual… Continue Reading →

Can We Seriously Gamble Away Our Deficit?

How are we going to solve the state’s $5.8 billion budget deficit? Gambling. Seriously?! According to MPR, “Minnesota’s three major party gubernatorial candidates would consider expanding gambling to help the state recover from the economic downturn.” Horner is proposing a… Continue Reading →

Man Gets Less than Five Years for Crushing Baby’s Skull

“The judge called it ‘the most shocking case I have ever seen,’” begins the PiPress report. “A man took his 3-week-old baby’s head in his hands and crushed it, even hearing a popping sound as the tiny bones broke. He… Continue Reading →

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