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Weekend Twincy Art Recommendations

Screen Time/Self Love A new exhibition of art by Minneapolis acrylic painters who integrate digital languages into their work, Mathew Zefeldt and Breck Hickman at the always fun HAIR + NAILS. Friday, 7 PM. Unloved Creatures Beauty is still in… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Singles

“My dad left home when I was eight. You know what he said to me? “Have fun, stay single.” I was eight.” There’s nothing that we can say about our many deep feelings about Singles, (1992) Cameron Crowe’s love letter… Continue Reading →

Sat // Fly Vintage & Vinyl Grand Opening

If you know any of the cool kids working hard to make Bird Town a hip little community and destination for folks living in MPLS + STPL, they’ve likely been drawing their vinyl supply from Fly Vintage & Vinyl. Big… Continue Reading →

Sun // The Annual Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Finally! The rash of cheesy Christmas movies are (mostly?) done! Well, except for Lord of the Rings, a series of films that celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. (Think about it.) The fantasy holiday trilogy tradition returns to the Riverview Theater… Continue Reading →

Sat // Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret & Burlesque’s Final Shows

The talented performers behind (and talented performers’ behinds!) in Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret & Burlesque were some of the first to openly expose MPLS + STPL audiences to burlesque into the bars and clubs. And after 15 years of live music,… Continue Reading →

Tues // Cookie House Press

Twincy is awfully lucky to provide the home turf for Coffee House Press, nationally renowned for producing award-winning books that amplify underrepresented voices. We’re also lucky that each year they welcome us into their cozy-comfy maze of a Nordeast studio… Continue Reading →

Weds // MUOG Release show

A strong case could be made that 2018 was the year of Muja Messiah—he’s been putting out aggressive tracks all year long, he’s been on some of the biggest local hip-hop bills of the year, and CP named his EP… Continue Reading →

Tues // Cheeky Kitty Presents: Touchy Subject Trivia

Having uncomfortable conversations with family members at the Thanksgiving table is now a necessary part of the holiday (though, when hasn’t it been), and while there are no shortage of controversial topics to get your Aunt Karen fired up after… Continue Reading →

Sun // WeWontBeErased MPLS + STPL

Just because the powers that (currently) be sign some papers, trans people won’t simple vanish into thin air—they’ll likely face greater challenges as a result. So f that s. Show yourselves and/or your solidarity with trans, gender-expansive, intersex folks and allies at… Continue Reading →

Sat // Reading: Owen Husney + Famous People Who’ve Met Me

Agent and talent manager extraordinaire Owen Husney swings into town to read from his juicy new memoir, Famous People Who’ve Met Me; The book chronicles a sort of all-star drive-by as Husney navigates the wild record label scene of the… Continue Reading →

Sat // Graveyard Club “Witchcraft” Single Release + The Lost Boys Screening

If you’re a post-punk band releasing a single called “Witchcraft”, the absolute best way to hold a release party is to play a live set (new dreamy song included) in a remodeled vintage theater and then screen 80s vamp classic… Continue Reading →

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