Your Morning Coffee

Strib: How to crash the Internet. Theoretically-speaking, of course. PiPress: Sara Jane Olson’s daughter makes a big splash on “American Idol.” Politico [via MinnPost]: Cover boy Pawlenty makes the National Review swimsuit issue. MPR: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Snow. Snow,… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

CBSMinnesota: “One night I woke up. I was looking for my mom and I didn’t know where she was. And then I went outside looking for her and I got too cold. And then I just died. And then the… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

South12th: This is an awesome winter if you are twelve and have a shovel for tunneling. I swear the snow piles in the Sears parking lot near the Capitol are thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big. Mitchster: Chutulu, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, seen… Continue Reading →

WinterSkate at the Landmark Center

On November 27th at 4pm, the WinterSkate ice rink at the Landmark Center opens for the public with a Grand Opening celebration that promises fireworks, entertainment and a tree lighting ceremony. You’ll be able to skate every day through February 6th…. Continue Reading →

Snow? Just Leave It

While people in Minneapolis and in St. Paul complain about the recent parking restrictions due to snow banks piled on the roads, the people of Wilkin County are far worse off. As county highway departments across the state seek “ways… Continue Reading →

Friday Open Thread 02.12.10

According to @garciasn, we need this in Minnesota: http://tinyurl.com/yzxc36h Yes, that’s right: South Korean iPhone users are using sausages as a cold weather “meat stylus.” I guess it’s probably cheaper than a pair of specialized iPhone gloves, but how long… Continue Reading →

Watch Where You Park!

Minneapolis is losing 50 percent of its parking. Ok, not that much, but a lot anyhow. According to the Strib, “snowbanks have narrowed the streets, leaving not enough room for both parked cars and emergency vehicles.” So the city is… Continue Reading →

Did WCCO Really Publish This Article?!

WCCO asks, “are Minnesotans sick of winter?” Yeah, no shit we are. Aren’t we sick of winter every year, about two or three weeks into it? “We’re tired of it but I’ve been living here for 24 years, so it’s… Continue Reading →