1080 of 31,000 Absentee Ballots Rejected

Primary absentee ballot report via Polinaut: Secretary of State Mark Ritchie says it looks like nearly 31,000 absentee ballots were cast in the primary, which is a new record. Unfortunately, after all the publicity around the 2008 U.S. Senate recount… Continue Reading →

Kelliher and Dayton Break Ahead

“The Pioneer Press has fantastic news in a ¬†new poll released this morning,” writes Jeff Rosenberberg, “Not only have DFLers taken the lead in a new poll, but theirs are the first statistically significant leads since polling began in the… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Should Make Nice with the Criminals

MinnPost picked up on a post by Ed Kohler yesterday asking whether the Minnesota prison population helps¬† Michele Bachmann. You see, most of them are in her district. In fact, it looks like nearly half of Minnesota‚Äôs adult prisoners reside… Continue Reading →

Conservative Suburbanites Are Trying to Stop You from Voting

Citizens for a Better Minneapolis and the Minnesota Voters Alliance are trying to make voting in Minneapolis more restrictive by requiring that residents show a photo ID in order to vote. The interesting thing is that the majority of those… Continue Reading →

Choose the Best of the Twin Cities

Yup, should have done it a last week. And yup, LOL OMG! beat me to it again, so here’s their spiel. For years upon years City Pages has been bringing you some of the best local stories and scene coverage…. Continue Reading →