Target Has it All, Expect Booze — so far!

You can pretty much get anything you need or want at Target these days, so why not a drink? According to this morning’s Strib, “Target Corp. is in the market for a full liquor license for its downtown headquarters at… Continue Reading →

Target Experiences Lauded as Lesson in Value of Disclosure

This New York Times editorial addresses the “Target issue” and public disclosure of campaign funding: The Target Corporation has a well-earned reputation for hiring and advancing the rights of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. But a controversial… Continue Reading →

Target Takes a Stand against Salmon Farming

Target Corp. announced on Tuesday that they will no longer carry any farmed salmon products. All Target salmon products ‚Äî fresh, frozen, and smoked ‚Äî will now be exclusively made from wild-caught Alaskan salmon. And this applies to all Target-owned… Continue Reading →

What’s with the TV Anger?

Back around Black Friday, a 39-year old man was arrested in a Winona Target store for beating on TVs with a hammer. Now, a 40-year-old St. Cloud man has been arrested for smashing a 50-inch Panasonic plasma TV at Target… Continue Reading →

More Screaming Babies at Target

They’re hungry! Earlier this week a Michigan momma was thrown out of a Target store for breastfeeding her baby in the electronics aisle. The security guard told her the act was “against the law” and asked her to leave the… Continue Reading →

Target’s high-tech “war room”

I’ll have to wave at the store cams the next time I visit Target! [via Strib] Working in a room with a NASA-like feel, Target technicians study maps, satellite data and government reports to check in on everything from weather… Continue Reading →

Target’s Illegal Alien Problem

The problem is a costume they put up on their Web page showing a space alien holding a green card. Some call it offensive. Some think it’s funny. Target says it was a mistake. And now, as City Pages points… Continue Reading →

Target: Good fror Minnesota commercial art

Christy DeSmith looks at Target’s dominating influence on the development of commercial art in the Twin Cities: The company has historically eschewed agency-of-record relationships, and instead has spread its projects among multiple agencies and freelancers. Although the creatives at Fallon… Continue Reading →

Will The Real Targhetto Please Stand Up?

Using household income data, average home sale price, and the locations of Targets around the Twin Cities, Magnetbox has created The Targhetto Project “to determine which Target store is the definitive Targhetto” (previously debated back here). You may be surprised… Continue Reading →

Blind Teen Sues Target

A blind California teenager is suing the Target Corp. under the Americans with Disabilities Act because its web site isn’t accessible to the blind and “thus excludes the blind from full and equal participation in the growing Internet economy that… Continue Reading →

London Calling

Today marks the release of Target’s “Luella” line of women’s fashions, which are alleged to have a British-preppy-punk vibe. And it’s true, ’cause whenever I see a woman with bad teeth dressed in the apple-printed shrunken-cotton playclothes of a four-year-old,… Continue Reading →