Steve Marsh

Marsh Reveals DeRusha’s Neat Little Cosmology

Check out Steve Marsh’s MSP Magazine piece on Jason DeRusha. (Really, read the whole thing!) DeRusha is known as the Internet savant of local television news. This is repeated enough that it‚Äôs sort of annoying‚Äîjust because he blogs in multiple… Continue Reading →

Are Llamas “Silly”?

Steve Marsh offers an exclusive (albeit short) Q&A with Ross Brockley before this Friday’s Rolling Blackout Revue at Nick and Eddie. Excerpt: SM: What do you think of the term “silly”? RB: I usually use the word drunk. SM: What… Continue Reading →

Marsh, Bachmann, and the (political) Monster

Well, I had all the links open and ready to go, but LOL OMG! beat me to it, so here’s the score: Steve Marsh did a Q&A with Michele Bachmann last month. “You know, the one where she talked about… Continue Reading →

Looking to the Future

As we enter a new year (and perhaps a new decade, though that’s debatable), it’s only natural to look to the future. What will this year bring? What will this decade bring? What do we need to do to ensure… Continue Reading →

LOL OMG! Marsh Is Interviewing Bachmann!

The new LOL OMG! blog gives us a brief glimpse of reporter Steve Marsh as he prepares for his Bachmann interview. Marsh [Facebook] status update: “I’m wearing my magenta AmAppy underwears to the Congresswoman’s office just so I can keep… Continue Reading →