Friday Open Thread 02.26.10

Uhh… favorite breakfast spots? Jason DeRusha says:¬† Hell’s Kitchen, Fat Nat’s Eggs, Grand Cafe, Day by Day Cafe, Good Day Cafe, Maggie’s Restaurant, Junior’s Cafe and Grill, Three Squares Restaurant, Bon Vie, and Hot Plate. East-Lake Tumblr says: Hot Plate,… Continue Reading →

Subo Gets a Lickin’

Anyone been to Subo yet? We had a Secrets of the City happy hour there a few weeks back, and that was quite lovely. We tried several of the apps, and while they could have used a drop more salt… Continue Reading →

Drinks for the Undead

Sarah McKenzie reviews Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den, the reincarnation of the old Stand Up Frank‚Äôs space ‚Äî only she doesn’t really say what she thinks of it. I’ll step in ‚Äî two thumbs up. If the atmosphere and drinks aren’t… Continue Reading →