Azia Restaurant Will Close… er… Move?

Big BUZZ on Twitter: mplsmaven Apparently, he’s opening a new resto called Wanderers and will be downtown. –> RT @DeRushaEats: Azia Restaurant will close at the end… 2 minutes ago via HootSuite MimiJ612 Holy Twitter Buzzzzzzz #azia 8 minutes ago… Continue Reading →

Get Thee out to the Patio

It’s definitely patio season, and the PiPress offers a great list of the best ones in town. The readers’ favorite? Why W.A. Frost, of course. 1. W.A. Frost, 374 Selby Ave., St. Paul; 651-224-5715; wafrost.com (33.5 percent total reader votes)… Continue Reading →

Tiki-Motor Lounge Heads for River

Ok, so we’ve said it before (more than once) ‚Äî on our Twitter feed anyhow ‚Äî but it looks like the cat is officially out of the bag: Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge will be moving to the much larger (four… Continue Reading →

This Is Why I’m a Server

As I‚Äôm sure many of you have read, this is a tough week for many of us in the restaurant business here in the Twin Cities. The loss of Jon Radle is profound. He was extraordinarily talented, and so very… Continue Reading →

Tip On This

Well hello all, and Happy Friday to you! For the past several weeks, we‚Äôve been discussing service. I have intentionally and deftly avoiding the topic of tipping. You see, I know quite a bit about fine dining, steps of service,… Continue Reading →

10 Things a Diner Should Never Do (Part 2)

Back again, to finish off the 12 Things Diners Should Never Do. What? What‚Äôs that you say?! Last week it was only 10? Well, there are a couple of quickies in here that I‚Äôve decided I simply can‚Äôt omit. Call… Continue Reading →

10 Things Diners Should Never Do (Part 1)

In response to several of the comments I received on last week‚Äôs article, I thought a look at the perspectives of a diner vs. a server would be a worthy exercise. Last fall, Bruce Buschel wrote One Hundred Things Restaurant… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day is coming! If you love brunch like I do…please read.

I‚Äôll start off by quickly mentioning that we in the service industry love you. Yes we do! Without the dining public, there would be no us. There would be no variety, no celebrity chefs, no James Beard awards, nothin‚Äô. We… Continue Reading →

First Ave Looks Toward the Future

It has been a while since we’ve seen any major changes to First Avenue, and with the Twins season opener just around the corner, what better time to open their new restaurant? According to Switchblade Comb, The Depot Tavern, set… Continue Reading →

Best F**kin’ Coneys in Town

When you see a tweet like this you just have to click the link, right? @MPLSSTPL – “He didn’t marry me for my personality or because I give good blow jobs.” http://bit.ly/9FBhpv The link takes us to Heavy Table’s review… Continue Reading →

Friday Open Thread 02.26.10

Uhh… favorite breakfast spots? Jason DeRusha says:¬† Hell’s Kitchen, Fat Nat’s Eggs, Grand Cafe, Day by Day Cafe, Good Day Cafe, Maggie’s Restaurant, Junior’s Cafe and Grill, Three Squares Restaurant, Bon Vie, and Hot Plate. East-Lake Tumblr says: Hot Plate,… Continue Reading →

Subo Gets a Lickin’

Anyone been to Subo yet? We had a Secrets of the City happy hour there a few weeks back, and that was quite lovely. We tried several of the apps, and while they could have used a drop more salt… Continue Reading →